Your Loved Ones Are
Treated With Care!

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Here at Camp David for Dogs & Cats, We Offer You and Your Pets only the Finest of Facilities.

Play Periods
J.D. Kennels pampers your pet with a minimum of four 1-hour play periods per day. Devoting at least one hour each for: Swimming, ball playing, Frisbee chasing, tug of war and much more for all our K-9 friends.

Cattery Facility
(Pictured to the right) Your cat can feel at home when they visit J-D Kennels. Cats are provided a 3 story Condo. The first floor includes a litter box, the second floor is the sleeping area, and the top floor provides their food and water. You are more than welcome to bring your own food (we feed Eukanuba and provide treats). Cats are allowed to roam the cattery during the day to enjoy our cat trees and toys.

Pet Chauffeur Services [ more info ]
All pickups & deliveries are done in the AM. Camp Buses leave JD Kennels at 6:30 AM and are back by 11:00 AM. This service is only offered Monday through Friday. A trip on the bus is $40.00 roundtrip ($20.00 each way) for a single camper. There is a $5.00 charge for each additional pet.

We only will offer this service (pet chauffeur) to the following areas:

Mesquite, Garland, East Dallas M streets-Lakewood, Oaklawn, Highland Park, Park cities, Preston Hollow, and North of LBJ to Beltline.